Why we

We have no analogues

PBM is unique. We are the first global commercial organization that can
not only investigate financial crimes, but also helps to get money back.

Professionalism of staff

The leading experts in their fields from around the world work in PBM. A high level of professionalism allows us to hold the leading
position among competitors.

Objectivity and integrity

The Information is verified at each stage by the organization’s departments
that are independent from each other. This makes the investigation
objective and incorruptible.

Development and improvement.

We are constantly developing and improving our investigation algorithms.
This allows us to show the best results in our field of activity.

Our team

In the PBM work ones of the best specialists from all over the world.


Collect all possible information on the project, investigate the case, help the team at all stages of the investigation.


Find any traces that fraudsters left on the Internet, as well as all possible information (even the hidden) that is associated with the project.


Follow the legal component of the organization’s activities, prepare the submission to the court of documents and evidence that prove the fraudsters guilt.


They negotiating, if it is necessary, help the law enforcement agencies in apprehending fraudsters and ensure the safety of employees.

How its work

1 Step
Gathering and analysis of primary information about the project.
Coordination of details of the investigation and action plan.

2 Step
The Detectives begin a detailed gatheringof information about the
project and the people involved, which they transfer to the other PBM

3 Step
The programmers receive details from detectives, and throught special
tools and skills they find all (even the hidden) information and dataon
the Internet.

4 Step
After that, all the gathered facts are structured by the detectives and
transferredto the lawyers and the security department.

5 Step
The lawyers prepare all the needed documents in case of necessity of
sending them to the court, and also advise the security department on the
further actions.

6 Step
Security department go to the country where the fraudstersare
located, and they are negotiating about the return of funds.

7 Step
If fraudsters refuse to cooperate, the legal department submits a
petition to the court, and the law enforcement or security department make
the arrest.

8 Step
If fraudsters agree to fulfill the conditions of the PBM, our clients
return the funds that they lost in the project.